The Year Of Living Ambiguously

"That's right, bitches."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nuh Uh at Fat Baby

Fat Baby is a cool place to play. The sound onstage is as excellent as it is out in the crowd. The stage is clean and new. And the room is narrow and deep, creating a good rock n' roll ambience.

Last Wednesday, March 18, Nuh Uh played our second show ever (both of which have been at Fat Baby). Once again, we played the album: Sorry, I'm Stuck, This Is Embarassing and Getting Used To Living Large. Fat Baby has filled in the vacuum left by the dearly departed Luna Lounge - a low-key place for up and coming bands to play, as well as for more established local acts to play semi-"event" shows. Fat Baby is no Luna Lounge, but times change, and at least the bathrooms are nice.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Takka Takka At the Brooklyn Lyceum

A heck of a show due to our friends, the wonderful Hartley Goldstein as well as Andrew Thompson. Hartley and I discussed the anti-folk scene while Andrew treated his still-recovering throat with tea from a thermos.

Takka Takka debuted three new songs: Enough, War On TV and Betsy Works In Banking.

Did you know they sell two-dollar sliders at the Lyceum? They are by Schnack. Apparently quite good. If it weren't for the volume restrictions, the Brooklyn Lyceum would be a perfect venue. But it seemed pretty loud to me anyway, so perhaps it's fine.